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Wednesday, January 2, 2013



with Designer Libby Palmieri

Looking for something fresh 2013? Let's start with that closet, out with the old, in with the clean. We've got a new years resolution that doesn't involve a gym membership, a diet consisting of liquid shakes or a scale..woohoo!
Below are some helpful tips to get you well on your way to a super organized, neat and good looking closet.

1) Evaluate your wardrobe-assess your clothes and see what you wear and what has been "hanging around". ID these items two ways: either "tag" a hanger with a bright index card punch holed at the top or turn the piece the opposite way of how clothes are hung. Donate clothes you have not worn in a year or more unless they show signs of wear and look like they've seen better days.
2) Organize pieces by color and type-start with short sleeve items, then 3/4" length sleeves, followed lastly by long sleeves. Keeping similar items grouped together gives you a better opportunity to coordinate an outfit quicker. Color guide should go from whites to nudes, to colors within the same family to browns, grays and lastly blacks.
3) Keep hangers consistent and uniform in shape and color-nothing creates a neater looking closet. Choose between plastic, wood or wire depending on the look you are trying to achieve.
4) Jeans-keep denim organized by color and style-i.e skinny leg, boot cuts, etc and go in stacks from darkest to lightest; any jeans bearing vibrant hues should also be arranged together and by color.
5) Have a special area to collect dry clean items and put away clothes from the cleaners ASAP.
6) Keep odd ball sized items manageable-use containers such as cloth boxes or pretty baskets to keep smaller belts, bathing suits, tights, leggings etc neatly put away.
7) Decide how you are going to store your shoes and be consistent-whether you use shelves, original boxes with photos of the shoe stapled in front of it. Shoes that are infrequently worn can be stored in either original shoe box or in a clear shoe storage box at the top of a closet to leave more room for things that are used frequently.
8) Use packing sheets to separate delicate items and prevent sequins or beading from snagging; keep finer items in a garment bag to maintain pristine condition.
9) Sweaters should be folded in the same manner and stored by color for easy access.
10) Purses should be stuffed with tissue paper to maintain their original shape and put side by side; smaller clutches could be stacked.
11) Use space effectively above and below closet rods to maximize space.
12) Use shoe "trees" to keep boots from slouching and looking sloppy!
13) Invest in key pieces that will make life easier in your easier such a scarf holder to keep these items organized and easy to access; valet rods are also a great "extra" to set out an outfit or easily hang dryclean items to put them away.
14) Use shallow trays for costume jewelry and accessories
15) KEY TO KEEPING CLOSET LOOKING GREAT: don't slack off!! Keep up with your newly implemented system. You can keep your closet looking amazing all year long by just taking the extra few minutes when you are putting things away


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