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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall Fusion

Fall is literally at our doorstep, with September tip-toeing in, the balmy days distracting us from what will soon be chillier mornings.  Although the ease of flip flops and summer dresses cannot be denied, fall fashion is unquestionably the best.  I have always eagerly anticipated the runway collections and how they are interpreted in everyday life, including our homes. The theatrical displays at some of the fashion houses were wildly imaginative, setting scenes that included traveling stylishly (as seen at Louis Vuitton where a steamship train was part of the stage set) to decadent brocades and embroideries embellishing everything from dresses to totes (as seen at Balmain, Dolce and Gabbana and Valentino) that were reminiscent of Maria Callas on an opera stage.  Contradictorily to the uber-feminine frocks were the takes on menswear, featuring fluid lines and tailored suits (as seen at Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan) as well as the resurgence of leather, particularly in dresses and skirts, which cleverly embraced the texture while maintaining an utter femininity.  

Our fall blog is inspired by these collections and how they translate into our vernacular. The recipes we will be featuring are courtesy of chef Matthew Mytro of Flour Restaurant and will accompany each new post.  As you may have seen on our Facebook page or blog sneak peak announcement, we are thrilled to also be hosting our "Fall Fusion" event in conjunction with Saks Fifth Avenue, Flour Restaurant, Dino Palmieri Salons and Donghia with inspirations for all the season has to offer. So allow your senses to be inundated and help us embrace Fall! 

Fall Fusion Installation 5Hues of Blues

Fall Fusion Installation 4
Floral Findings
Fall Fusion Installation 3

Gray is the New Brown


Fall Fusion Installation 2

The 2nd Fall Fusion installation features the gorgeous drama of lace and leather, a standout this season.  Dramatic and mysterious, the look beckons to be noticed and is completely captivating.  The Baroque mystique that veils this collection of clothing and interiors is sublime.  Whether as a gorgeous shift dress in sumptuous leather or a lace clutch to add texture and elegance to a LBD, the sex appeal of this look is undeniable as an outfit and who good deny the over-the-top theatrics of an ornate and pompous chair demanding attention in a corner?  

[1] Benjamin Moore Paint, Black Satin [2]Benjamin Moore Paint, Heritage Red [3 Dolce and Gobbana Runway[4] Christian Louboutin Alta Lace Boots available at Saks [5] Dolce and Gabbana Handbag available at Saks [6] Valentino Lace and Leather Paneled Dress[7] Designer Chair[8] Salvatore Ferragamo My Belle Flats  [9] Elitis Wallpaper [10] Lancome Lipstick available at Saks [11] Chanel Eye Shadow available at Saks

Fall Fusion Installation 1

Our first installation features mulberry, raisin and amber tones reminiscent of tree top canopies and streets strewn with newly fallen leaves.  Textures from nubby wools to indulgent velvets and buttery leathers are textiles we crave once the weather starts turning. Furniture cues are taken from signature pieces reminiscent of the 70's that have become interesting counterpoints in a room and coveted pieces by collectors.  The time was fueled by pure fantasy and the spirit embodied in furniture from the era are a creative mix of shapes and materials that turned functional pieces into pieces of art.  We are featuring one such piece in this compilation, the Guy De Rougemont "Nuage Table" which was constructed out of plexiglass and metal around 1971.  The design is incredibly sexy and representative of the feel that decade embodied. A bar interpretation of the Nuage can be found at The Mark Hotel in the upper East side of Manhattan, which was renovated by one of the leading designers in France, Jacques Grange.  The tremendous proportions are beyond breathtaking in person.  If you happen to go to the city, it is a must see and truly glorious at night when it is lit, casting a moody glow in the room. 

[1] Floral fabric: Rubelli printed velvet in Malvasia colorway [2] Illamasqua Nail Polish in Optimist and Vice [3] Nina Ricci Runway Look Fall 2012 [4] Oscar de la Renta Ruffle Ring available at Saks [5] Miu Miu Suede Platrform Pumps in Burgundy available at Saks [6] Nars Scarlet Empress Lipstick [7] Cloud Vintage Table by Guy de Rougemont [8] Burberry Jacket available at Saks [9] Seguso for Donghia Pandora Bowl [10] Yves Saint Laurent Patent Leather Clutch in Burgundy available at Saks [11] Tom Ford Eye Shadow Quad in Burnished Amber available at Saks [12] Donghia Corona Fabric in Red-Burgundy Colorway [13] Donghia Volume Sofa [14] Benjamin Moore Paint, Tuscan Tile, Hot Tamale, Cascabel Chile, Fallen Leaf

Mark Hotel, New York

Stuffed Figs

Recipe courtesy of chef matt mytro of flour restaurant

3 Mission figs, cut in half
6oz gorgonzola cheese, crumbled
6 slices prosciutto (thinly sliced)
1 bottle 10 year aged balsamic vinegar

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1.        <!--[endif]-->roll crumbled cheese into a ball and place in center of fig
<!--[if !supportLists]-->2.        <!--[endif]-->lay sliced prosciutto on cutting board and place fig (cheese side up) towards the bottom of prosciutto
<!--[if !supportLists]-->3.        <!--[endif]-->roll fig, moving away from prosciutto, should complete wrap fig and cheese.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->4.        <!--[endif]-->Place figs in 400 degree oven for about 5 minutes
<!--[if !supportLists]-->5.        <!--[endif]-->Serve on platter and drizzle with balsamic.


A sneak peek at fall fashion and design...

 The vignette above has been inspired by fall fashions found at Saks Fifth Avenue along with textiles and accessories brought together by lead designer Libby Palmieri from House of L Interior Design with the help of Crystal Brown of the Donghia Showroom at the Ohio Design Center in Cleveland, Ohio and Hallie Brahm of Saks Fifth Avenue.

We'd like to introduce you to...
Rosecrans Baldwin is the President of Donghia, Inc. and Bergamo Fabrics.  In his role as a veteran industry leader, Crans has been called upon to speak to groups of designers and at design centers, many times as the Keynote Speaker.   In 2009 & 2010, at the height of the recessionCrans gave Power Point presentations and speeches in 31 cities sharing business ideas to help interior designers survive the recession. His innovative marketing strategies can be found in his blog, A Glass Half Full along with Crans' wonderful stories that are peppered with his travels and encounters with design industry elite. Crans lives with his wife in Connecticut.